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Get Personal with TBI’s Expert Apple® Team!

More than a showroom, our state-of-the art retail and service facility has been a leader in everything Apple® for over 26 years. At the center is our one-to-one attention to our customers’ long-term needs.
We provide retail sales of new Apple Products and accessories, authorized service and repairs, support contracts and on and off-site consultation.
Skip the mall, drop in or make an appointment — we’re here for you!
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181 Westport Avenue in Norwalk, near Stew Leonard’s

Everything Apple

Been wanting to get a new Mac, iPad, iPod or just the perfect case for your iPhone? TBI Computer’s knowledgeable staff can help you with all of your Apple product needs.

Backup & Recovery

Hard Drive Crash or just want a Reliable Backup Solution? We can help with both! Come in to TBI Computer and let us help you get back up-and-running.

Personalized Training

Complete training for your Mac or iOS device. We’re now again offering 1-hour classes that teach you step-by-step basic and advanced techniques to master your Mac & Apps!

Financing Options

Affording hardware repairs or data recovery can be difficult. We’ve made it fast and easy!

Digital Protection

Increase your security, performance, detect problems, and have off-site backups!

Device Protection

Just $99 for 3 years of accidental damage coverage on your laptop and desktop computers!

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Name That Tune with Siri or Control Center

Name That Tune with Siri or Control Center

Don’t you hate it when a familiar song is playing but you can’t think of what it’s called? Or worse, when you hear a new track you really like but have no one to ask what it is? Never worry about that again, thanks to your iPhone or iPad. Back in 2018, Apple bought...

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Two Important Tips for External Storage Devices

Two Important Tips for External Storage Devices

It’s tempting to think that most external storage devices—whether simple hard drives or more complicated network-attached storage (NAS) units—are relatively similar because they all do roughly the same thing. However, a recent problem with older Western Digital My...

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Apple Releases Four iPhone 12 Models and the HomePod mini

Apple Releases Four iPhone 12 Models and the HomePod mini

For the second time in less than a month, Apple has made a splashy announcement. In its “Hi, Speed” event, the company unveiled a new lineup of four iPhone 12 models along with the new HomePod mini. HomePod miniJust as Apple did in its event, let’s get the HomePod...

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Rename Bluetooth Devices for Easy Management

Rename Bluetooth Devices for Easy Management

It’s all too easy to end up with a boatload of Bluetooth devices connected to your Mac. Apple devices will likely have sensible names, like Magic Mouse 2, but what if someone has given you a device with their name in it? Or you’ve ended up with a device called...

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COVID-19 Info from TBI Computer

We hope you are all staying healthy.

Here are some of the changes to our schedule due to COVID-19:

— Until further notice —

We will be opened by appointment only between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.

We will not be accepting iPhone repairs.

TBI Computer- Apple Value Added Reseller

As Apple Authorized Service Providers, TBI Computer can provide a variety of technical support services to meet your needs.

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