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Want a new Mac? Need a new Mac? Want to upgrade your Mac? Need your Mac fixed? Have Mac technology questions?

Once summer begins, the next school year seems a long way off. But as we all know, the seasons do change and before we know it, it’s back-to-school.

Your friends at TBI know how important it is to prepare for the school year… we are parents and students ourselves.

That’s why we invite you into our convenient location, located at 181 Westport Avenue, in Norwalk Connecticut, 1/8 mile from Stew Leonard. Come in to meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff, here to help you make the right decision when it comes to repairing your Mac, or getting a new one, accessories, etc.

TBI has built a legacy of outstanding customer support and satisfaction, and we insist on maintaining such support and following. It’s not just our knowledge base – it’s our: experienced Apple-certified technicians, dedication to customer satisfaction, very fast service, connection to the community, support after the sale… you get the picture!

We aren’t just a store – TBI is a community of experts and enthusiasts. We opened in Westport, Connecticut in 1993, and now we’re located at a brand new, state-of-the-art retail and service facility at 181 Westport Avenue in Norwalk, CT. TBI Computer has developed a solid reputation for reliability, service and integrity that we are proud of.