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trainingOne-on-one classes for individualized attention.

A One-on-One Session is for anyone that wants help with software related issues on their Mac including Mac Basics, plus the suggested topics below. Sessions can be customized for your unique needs.
By Appointment Only

Suggested Topics for One-On-One Sessions

$79 per hour
(1 hour minimum preferred)
Special Event Photo Books — Organize photos for a special event into a book. Bring your computer with Photos and the photos you want to use. Download from camera and phone to create a meaningful visual collage of the special moments in life.
Personalized Cards and Videos — Make the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion. Work with TBI to design your own or have us design one for you.
Get That Job! — Update Your Resume to Look Like the Professional You Are. Need to update your resume to get that next job? Learn how to use Microsoft® Word® to make your resume look professional to stand out from your competition. A little formatting with a new font can go a long way to making your resume look polished. Create different versions of your resume for different job applications. Bring your current resume to class, along with your computer. Must have Microsoft® Word® (any version is ok). Can also use Google Docs.
My Computer Crashed and I Lost ALL My Stuff! — Backing up your Mac with Time Machine will save your precious documents and photos from an unforeseen computer crash. Bring your external drive and your computer to class.
Are My Passwords Too Easy to Hack? — Learn ways to vary your passwords, change them often and give them more variation. How to organize and store your passwords in one place. OR use a program that keeps track of your passwords on any device… all you have to do is remember ONE password to unlock them all.
What is DropBox and What Should I Put in it? — Using DropBox to store/backup your documents, photos and more so you can access them from anywhere in the world, on any of your devices.
Mac Tips and Tricks — Streamline your computing to empower yourself and improve your efficiency. Come prepared with questions and a laptop if you have.
What’s a Browser and Why Do I Need One? (Chrome, Safari and Firefox) — Bookmarking, sharing links and tabs. Ways to browse the internet more efficiently and stay on top of the sites you visit the most.
How Google Can Make You More Efficient (GMail, Calendar, Contacts and Keep) — organize your mail, label and color code recurring emails, unsubscribe from unwanted emails, group contacts and color your schedule to help you stay on time. Use Keep to keep track of those odds and ends, shopping lists, favorite movies, tasks and more. Must have a Google account to take this class.
Photos, Photos Everywhere — Have too many photos and don’t know how to organize them? Learn to make albums and folders. And sync with your devices.
Format Your Documents Like a Pro with Microsoft® Word® — Want your documents to look more polished and professional? Learn how to format text, add headers and footers, use tables, insert images and much more. Flyers, newsletters, resumes, etc…
How to Use Google Docs… For Adults — Kids today use Google Docs, Sheets and Presentation instead of Microsoft Office, why shouldn’t adults? Learn to create, share and access these handy (free) Google Drive tools. Must have a Google account to take this class.
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